If you are ready to lead the pack and change your game, the latest innovation at ProRollers is here for you. Our newly designed  ProRollers Patriot – with an adjustable torque system – will revolutionize the bat rolling service world. With never-before-seen ideas, the Patriot will provide a more consistent and even bat rolling service with the ease of adjusting your power on demand.

In 2018, changes are coming to the bat industry. ProRollers is set to stay ahead of the game with our newly designed Patriot system. Not only will the Patriot ensure that each bat is evenly rolled with consistent pressure throughout the entire sweet spot, but it also features an adjustable torque system.

Why is this important? Not all bats are created equal and not every set up is right to get you the best performance. Bat rolling service businesses like ProRollers need to be able to meet your specific needs when your bat is in our roller.  Up until now, this was not an option. However, with the Patriot, if you are rolling a BBCOR bat you can roll it with ease by sliding the handle to the MAX TORQUE position and roll away.

For example, say our experts at ProRollers have a fast pitch bat to roll. It’s no problem: We set the handle to the middle position and it’s a perfect bat rolling job – every time.  The adjustable torque system of the Patriot lets you have the flexibility to roll any type of bat on the market with ease and consistency.

The Patriot will do perpendicular as well as parallel bat rolling, but with a never-before-seen design that will apply even pressure throughout the entire barrel.  We have been developing this machine for more than a year and are almost ready to launch.

The Patriot will be the first self-leveling machine to apply consistent pressure on the entire barrel, no matter the sweet spot size.  This has been impossible on previous machines due to design limitations.  With a redesigned top plate and weight distribution system, even the junior big barrels that are a complete taper will roll evenly with consistent pressure.

The plastics are the heart of the roller and we used nothing but the best.  All of the new Patriot roller plastics feature more grip with NO slip or flex — even under the toughest bat rolling conditions.

This improved roller setup means you can push the limits of your rolling even further without marking up the bats or having them slip in the roller.

Couple the new tough plastics with our adjustable torque system and what you have is the Patriot providing more even pressure with no pain. That’s because we have designed the Patriot to be easy enough for anyone to turn the side handle with enough pressure to break in most bats.  Better design means better performance from your bat with more jump and distance on each hit. And isn’t that why we are all here?

Every machine is built here in the U.S.A. with domestically sourced steel.  We have used 3/8″ solid steel welded framework in the Patriot which means it will take any bat you can throw at it and spit it back out with glorious results.

A solid steel construction and powder coated frame means the Patriot will stand the test of time and look good for years to come.   Due to this high manufacturing standard, we back each Patriot machine with an industry-leading LIFETIME warranty.

At ProRollers, we were the first in the industry with heated rolling and we were first in the industry to perform compression testing on EVERY bat. And now, with the Patriot, we have the first bat rolling machine of its type. We are always innovating.

ProRollers bat rolling service

At ProRollers, we are always working to stay ahead of the curve and provide our customers with a cutting-edge experience. With the Patriot, we are taking that to a whole new level of service. Visit our website to learn more.