If you have a first-time baseball or softball player, you might be shopping for a new glove or mitt. So, what do you need to know about this experience?

When you are shopping for a new glove or mitt, how a glove fits and feels is the most important starting point. So, when you hit the store, make sure you and your child are in a place where you both ready to get into the shopping experience.

Here are a few things to know about choosing a glove or mitt:

Size. When you are shopping for a mitt or glove for a small child, size matters. Your child needs a glove that is appropriately sized for their hand – a smaller glove will not make it harder for them to catch! It will help them control the glove better which will help them catch better. So, make sure your player can easily squeeze the glove closed. And make sure it is a good fit for their hand and wrist and isn’t sliding or twisting around. It should be snug but comfortable. And make sure you shop by their throwing hand – lefties and righties have different needs.

Glove construction. Ball gloves are made in a certain way and can be tailored to your player’s preferences – and position. You’ll need to know about the bridge, fingers, web, pocket, palm, length, heel pad and closure. Infield gloves are the smallest; outfield gloves are larger. A pitcher’s glove is more closely related to an infielder’s glove and there are also utility gloves for players who can play different positions. There are also catcher’s mitts!

It’s exciting to shop for your child’s first glove or mitt, and we hope it is a fun and memorable experience!


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