ProRollers Heated Bat Rolling & Compression Testing

Known by hardcore batting enthusiasts for years is a simple fact: New bats take time to break in. But There is no such thing as taking a brand new bat and achieving maximum batting potential. It’s just not possible. That’s where bat rolling baseball and  softball bats comes in.  Rolling gives your bat that break in feel without the wear and tear on the rest of the bat.

Yet over time, as bats are broken in, the fibers actually stretch allowing for maximum power potential.

What if there was a way to maximize your bat’s potential from day one? Happily, there is a solution to this problem – heated bat rolling. Heated bat rolling allows you to get the maximum allowable performance from any bat. Our highly-effective but proven system is safe for all bats and produces winning results.

A Proven Process with Proven Results

At ProRollers, we understand the bat rolling technology better than anyone in the industry. In fact, we are manufacturers of bat rolling machines, and not just resellers. Our process applies uniform and even heat to the entire barrel of the bat, offering compression uniformity unlike any other method. Safe for all bats, our heated compression leaves no visible trace, no marks, not even a scratch. Not everyone can make this same claim.

We provide complete digital pics by using only an APPROVED compression tester on every bat we roll, uploaded to our Instagram account (click for recent pics)  . Every bat is compression tested twice – both before as well as after the rolling process. Sure, it takes more time, but you want to use a company that has the highest standards for bat rolling baseball and softball bats.

Our customers are provided with both “before” as well as “after” records of the compression process, providing complete documentation of the results uploaded right here to our Instagram account. No other company does this.  We call that confidence! Bat Rolling Baseball Softball

As the bat manufacturing industry continues to change, and the quality of some of the newer bats comes into question, it’s critically important that you step up to the plate with every possible advantage. Our heated bat rolling provides that advantage.

Standard Bat Rolling -VS- ProMax Bat Rolling

ProRollers knows that when it comes to getting gear game ready, the same break in level may not be right for everyone. Some people use their bats in leagues and games where there are bat restrictions or they compression test. This is why we offer 2 different levels of bat break in, Standard and ProMax. Compression testers are devices designed to test the current break in status of the barrel of the bat.  This testing shows the stiffness of the barrel and in certain tournaments bats can not test below a certain reading or they are deemed TOO HOT to use.  A bat that does not pass a compression test would not be allowed to be used in that specific event.  Compression testing is not common but we do give our customers options to fit their needs.  In our photo section and the pics posted online we have 3 cropped images.  The first reading is the stock form of the bat right out of the wrapper. The second photo is the bat compression test after our standard heated rolling service and all bats rolled to this spec will pass a compression test when they come from us. The third photo in the group is the lowest compression we can get on the bat and balance performance and lifespan. Bats rolled to this max spec will not pass any compression testing,  but will perform to their max level right away.

Our Standard Heated Bat Rolling includes a compression test of the bat right away so we have a reference point of the current stiffness. A compression tester is a device with a gauge on it.  The bat is placed in the tester to determine the current break in state.  We then put it through the process described above until the bat is within 15-25 psi on the appropriate gauge. When pushing the bats to this mark, it ensures the bat is through its dead phase and is performing right up to the max factory guidelines and still on the passing side of a compression test when they arrive.  This standard service will deliver a game ready bat and continue to break in naturally.

Our ProMax Performance Heated Bat Rolling  includes all above but we proceed to push the bat to the upper levels of performance past the passing specs on the appropriate gauge. When we do this the bat will perform at its ultimate performance and will not pass a compression test if performed on the bat. A bat that does not pass a compression test would not be allowed to be used in that specific event.  This service does take nearly twice as long as we do need to test the bat multiple times throughout the process to ensure it is broken in without breaking it, it is a fine line with delicate testing instruments. When your bat comes back with this service performed it should only be used in home run derbies and showcase events as it does not comply to any sanction rules. It will also be a firestick like you have not swung before.

Checkout?  What’s Next?

What to do after checkout depends on how you selected to get your bat(s) to ProRollers.  In other words, if you are shipping the bats to us at your cost as selected above, go ahead and ship them immediately to the address below.  If you elected to have a UPS shipping label emailed to you we will have one in your inbox same business day of the order.  At this point box up your bats, write your order number on the box and get them to a UPS driver or store.  After you complete checkout you will get 2 emails.  One email will be the receipt from the form of payment you use.  The other email will be a welcome email with some basic info, links to before and after photos (click for recent pics), our Facebook and Twitter links if interested in following our work.

You can ship your bats to us at:


5048 State Route 601

Norwalk, OH 44857

Please include your order number or the receipt from this transaction inside the box with your bat(s).    We take pics of the process along the way for your own reference just like the ones below.  Don’t hesitate, your competition isn’t when it comes to baseball softball bat rolling….Send us your bats today and hey will be back in your hands hot and ready. Bat Rolling Baseball Softball From ProRollers Bat Rolling In

At ProRollers, we are Always Innovating!