ProRollers Patriot Bat Rolling Machine With Adjustable Torque System- Perpendicular & Parallel


!!!Free Shipping!!!  The first self leveling bat rolling machine to apply even pressure on the entire sweet spot.  Adjustable torque handle for more power when you need it.



ProRollers Patriot Bat Rolling Machine with Adjustable Torque System

The ProRollers Patriot Bat Rolling Machine now sets the new standard in bat rolling machines. Don’t be fooled by imitators or those reselling inferior bat rolling machines.

At ProRollers we manufacture every bat rolling machine we sell, and have quality control standards that have raised the bar in the entire industry. Our cutting edge technology ensures uniform and consistent pressure, guaranteeing maximum bat performance.

USA Bats, BBCOR Bats, USSSA Bats, Fastpitch Bats, Slowpitch Bats

There are all kinds of different ball bats on the market today.  The new USA standard bats, BBCOR bats, mens USSSA bats, Womens USSSA bats…..And the ProRoller Patriot Bat Rolling Machine will handle even the toughest models.  The new USA bat standard is a game changer as these are mainly thicker walled composite bats that take much longer to break in on your own.  The ProRollers Patiot stretches the fibers of these bats both perpendicular and parallel so you can get the most from your bats.  BBCOR bats that came out in 2012 are some of the hardest bats in existance and the Patriot will increase their performance levels across the board as well.  We have used specifically designed plastics in the Patriot to ensure it stands the test of time as well as gives your bats the performance increase you are looking for.

The Most Feature-Rich Bat Rolling Machine on the Market

Dollar for dollar, you simply cannot find a better bat rolling machine. Our bat rolling machine technology allows for both perpendicular as well as parallel bat rolling – a feature not seen in many other machines. Our Adjustable Torque System means that you can roll virtually any bat available today, something not possible with rolling machines of lesser quality.

By applying uniform pressure to the entire barrel via our proprietary self-leveling technology, you’ll get a rolled bat that is ready for peak and maximum performance. Add to this our cutting edge No Slip Technology, and you’ll see why our bat rolling machines turn out bats optimized for unmatched performance.

A machine is only as solid as the materials used to manufacture it. Our frames are constructed of solid steel, allowing for uniform pressure on your bat. The ultra-high quality commercial grade plastics used in the rollers provide maximum compression and are yet another reason why our bat rolling machine can turn your bat into a power hitting machine.

As a direct manufacturer of bat rolling machines, we have taken the time and invested the resources necessary to product the best bat rolling machine on the market today. The ProRollers Patriot Bat Rolling Machine is proudly made here in Norwalk, Ohio USA.

  • Product Specs:
  • Lifetime Warranty – If It Breaks- You Dont Fix It, We Replace It!!
  • Non Slip Rollers
  • Adjustable Torque Handle.. (pat pend)
  • 1/2″ Solid Steel Top Plate
  • Proven Solid Weld Design
  • Industrial Bearings

At ProRollers, we are Always Innovating!

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Machine Color



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