It might be spring – and the season for baseball and softball – but cold weather is still sticking around. So, what does that mean for your bat? As Columbus Ohio bat experts, we have answers!

Cold weather can impact bats and if you have a child who plays baseball or softball, there are a few things you need to know, from ProRollers, your Columbus Ohio bat experts.

Rolling your child’s bat won’t change how a bat behaves in different weather, but sometimes, different bats might be necessary – depending on when and where your child plays ball.

For temperatures below 50 degrees, you will want your child to swing an alloy bat. The metal responds better than composite bats when the weather is colder than 50 degrees and will give better performance.

In colder weather, a bat can flex more, which could cause damage or cracking. You might have noticed a baseball or softball “popping” off a bat better when playing in colder weather vs. warmer weather.

While you can warm your bats and your baseballs or softballs, the weather is the weather. And it is best to protect your bat – which can be a major investment!

Composite bats do better in warmer temperatures and are more brittle, so they could break if used in colder temperatures. Alloy bats won’t break due to cold weather.

If you play in a state like Ohio that can have chilly spring temperatures, it’s best for your child to have both an alloy and a composite bat – especially if they play on a competitive team. If you live in an area with warmer temperatures, it might not be necessary.

No one wants a broken bat and in northern states, the game usually goes on even in chilly temperatures.


At ProRollers, we allow your child to step up to the plate with the quality rolled bat they need to have every possible advantage. Contact our Columbus Ohio bat experts today for more information.