General Questions – How It Works

Yes, you can browse our wide selection of pre-rolled baseball and softball bats. All bats have the option to come pre-rolled or pre-heat rolled, depending on the exact model. If you do not see the bat that you are looking for listed in our inventory, contact us. We are here to give your bats the maximum allowable performance they are designed to do. We offer an industry leading 60 day guarantee in writing.

We make breaking in your bat(s) easier than any other company. Simply put your bat in a box or tube and tape your own shipping label to it (our shipping address and contact phone number are on the contact us page). Once we receive your bat we perform the work, repackage it, and ship it back to you within 24 hours. We also provide tracking information while your bat is on its way back to you. Everything is completely paid for and insured when it is returned.

Select the services and amount of bats you want to send in from here, or at the top of any page under the “Bat Rolling Services” tab. Once you have them added, simply complete the three step checkout process. After you have completed checkout, you will be able to select your method of payment, we accept any major credit card, Pay Pal, or check/money orders.

ProRollers knows that when it comes to getting gear game ready, the same break in level may not be right for everyone. Some people use their bats in leagues and games where there are bat restrictions or they compression test. This is why we offer 2 different levels of bat break in, Standard and ProMax. Compression testers are devices designed to test the current break in status of the barrel of the bat. This testing shows the stiffness of the barrel and in certain tournaments bats can not test below a certain reading or they are deemed TOO HOT to use. A bat that does not pass a compression test would not be allowed to be used in that specific event. Compression testing is not common but we do give our customers options to fit their needs. In our photo section and the pics posted online we have 3 cropped images. The first reading is the stock form of the bat right out of the wrapper. The second photo is the bat compression test after our standard heated rolling service and all bats rolled to this spec will pass a compression test when they come from us. The third photo in the group is the lowest compression we can get on the bat and balance performance and lifespan. Bats rolled to this max spec will not pass any compression testing, but will perform to their max level right away.

Our Standard Heated Bat Rolling Service includes a compression test of the bat right away so we have a reference point of the current stiffness. A compression tester is a device with a gauge on it. The bat is placed in the tester to determine the current break in state. We then put it through the process described above until the bat is within 15-25 psi on the appropriate gauge. When pushing the bats to this mark, it ensures the bat is through its dead phase and is performing right up to the max factory guidelines and still on the passing side of a compression test when they arrive. This standard service will deliver a game ready bat and continue to break in naturally.

Our ProMax Performance Heated Bat Rolling Service includes all the services above but we proceed to push the bat to the upper levels of performance past the passing specs on the appropriate gauge. When we do this the bat will perform at its ultimate performance and will not pass a compression test if performed on the bat. A bat that does not pass a compression test would not be allowed to be used in that specific event. This service does take nearly twice as long as we do need to test the bat multiple times throughout the process to ensure it is broken in without breaking it, it is a fine line with delicate testing instruments. When your bat comes back with this service performed it should only be used in home run derbies and showcase events as it does not comply to any sanction rules. It will also be a firestick like you have not swung before.

All bats sent to us and ordered from us have a 24-48 hour turnaround time. If you want your bats done right, the proper amount of time is required for the process. We can, and have, turned bats around the same day but that is not always possible, so we try to give realistic expectations. If you need your bat returned overnight please contact us immediately for more info, we answer emails after hours.

We accept all major credit cards except American Express. We also accept Pay Pal payments on-line and checks/money orders if you are sending us your bats. If you are sending us your bats, you are responsible for shipping us your bats any way you want and we pay for the return shipping. We do ship internationally, Canadian buyers can select the “Canadian” shipping option at checkout, all other countries please email for a shipping quote.

The ProRoller Patriot Bat Rolling Machine is a parallel/perpendicular rolling machine that does 2 sections of the bat at once as well as the entire barrel in one pass. We pass each section of the bat through the machine approx 25 times on each compression setting meaning the entire bat gets completely rolled on 4 different compression settings.
How It Works Yes, we will roll your aluminum bats or alloy bats. We recently ran into someone who showed us a study of double-walled aluminum bats being rolled. A Ph.D. at Kettering University in Flint, MI showed that after hitting a softball with an aluminum double walled bat 500 times, the increase in batted ball speed went up from 95.2 mph to 98.5 mph.

Rolling takes 200-300 hits of life off your bat, but it will be “hotter” than a normally broken in bat because the bat will be broken in consistently around the barrel. Normal break in (hitting 500-700 balls) will leave dead spots in the bat.

Yes, most definitely they will! Bat rolling consists of heated perpendicular rolling followed by heated parallel rolling. Then we flash-cool them, and suspend the fibers in an elongated state. Fibers that are heated and then flash-cooled have shown to increase the durability rating of the bat, as they subjected to less stress. Not all companies invest their time into your bat like we do here at Our objective is to bring back happy, repeat customers for years to come.

Bat rolling is a proven process using a custom built machine with specifically designed rollers used to apply pressure to a softball or baseball bat. This pressure stretches the composite fibers and resin type glues that different manufacturers use to let the composite fibers expand and work in a trampoline effect, projecting the ball further and faster than a metal type bat. This increase in trampoline effect is what causes the ball to propel off the bat faster and carry further. Bat rolling is a technique that can be done on both new and well used bats.

Bat rolling was started in late 1999 to early 2000 and really expanded throughout the world after 2002.
Bat rolling is not illegal. The bat eventually breaks in on its own. Rolling a bat simply speeds the “breaking in” process.
Baseball and softball players choose to do this to get the most out of the bat right out of the wrapper, before the player outgrows the bat or the bat is simply worn out. Contact us today to find out how ProRollers can get the most production out of your bat.
We use a Panther Electric Xtreme to roll all of our bats with and we roll them both perpendicular and parallel. Rolling bats both ways will ensure that the fibers/alloys are stretched evenly in both directions allowing for maximum performance from your bat. There are no gouges, marks, or dings left on your bats from our rolling service and it does not harm or alter the bat in any way. Juicing includes heated bat rolling to bring out the best performance. It takes more time but really helps with overall performance and durability.