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ProRollers is the leader in
Bat Rolling and Glove Conditioning.
Use Coupon Code: HOME RUN

24 Hours Turn Around Time
15+ Years Experience

Customer Reviews

Good3.4 Based on 55 reviews from review us onJoe SarrisJoe Sarris ★★★★★ My go to for game ready equipment. Awesome to deal with, can get a rep on phone on second ring. Absolute best customer service. Highly recommend these guysJonathan BrownJonathan Brown ★★★★★ Ordered the new 2024 Easton ghost advanced. Great website and good communication after the order. Looking forward to seeing this bat make my daughter smile. Thanks for all you do!MIKe CuellarMIKe Cuellar ★★★★★ Amazing! I sent in my sons cat x comp bat to ProRollers because my sons coach said that it had dead spots and not much pop. Honestly I was hesitant and doubtful. Just got my sons bat back and let me tell you ProRollers did their JOB.. When I tell you that the pop on my sons bat is twice if not three times as much as it originally had.. The ball skyrockets off of his bat… Highly recommended!!Skylar DavisSkylar Davis ★★★★★ Little behind on the shipment but finally recieved the bat today. So far so good. Bat does have some good pop out the wrapper.Michael BlyMichael Bly ★★★★★ Bought a new A2000 glove for my son who plays College SS. I read one review that said, "Just do it, don't think...just do it." So I did. My advice? "Just send the glove, just do it! hahaha" Glove came back game ready and my son said, "Bruh, this is nice!" In adult language that means "I'm ready to go - thanks dad!" Best break-in service I've ever seen. You are now on the Go-To list for recommendations. Great job guys! Sincerely.Bobby HolmesBobby Holmes ★★★★★ They rolled my sons hype-fire composite, definitely more pop and ball goes a lot further. Will be sending more bats in the future, definitely recommend.Sara brownSara brown ★★★★★ Awesome customer service!gerald hermangerald herman ★★★★★ Sent in my son's a2000 for break-in. Glove came back perfect. Great service!Michael TrautMichael Traut ★★★★★ Honestly somewhat surprised to see the negative reviews. Purchased a glove for my son and choose the break in service (takes 4-6 extra days for them to break the glove in) and then received delivery immediately thereafter.Glove exceeded expectations.Break in service exceeded expectations. Glove was ready to go out of the box. My son literally opened the box, put the glove in his bag and took it to practice that afternoon.Customer service chat was very informative.Shipping tracking information was provided and accurate.I am actually going back online now to look for a glove for myself now!Only thing I can think of is that most of the negative reviews were older?John JohnsonJohn Johnson ★★★★★ Hands down the best customer service. Always has everything you needRyan DavenportRyan Davenport ★★★★★ These guys are top notch. Awesome bats, amazingly conditioned gloves, quick shipping, and great service. They recently helped me warranty a bat and turned it around in 2 days. I've been a customer for 3 year now and I can't recommend them highly enough. Great job guys! Thanks!AndyAndy ★★★★★ Just got my glove from them, awesome job breaking it in will definitely use these guys again,Lane AckermanLane Ackerman ★★★★★ They have amazing products and I received the product on time. I will buy it from them again.Anna NguyenAnna Nguyen ★★★★★ Great product and great service.Helen PhamHelen Pham ★★★★★ Great customer service and great products! The owner, Adam, is very responsive to any issues or questions I may have. The website is always up to date with the latest baseball bats and his products are top notch quality. If you don't want to break in your bat or glove, I would absolutely recommend ProRollers - they really know what they are doing!Brandon SasserBrandon Sasser ★★★★★ My son's glove came in today. He's super excited. I did the glove conditioning service with the new glove I bought and it came fully ready better than any glove I tried to break in on my own. It's worth it.js_loader

Does ProRollers.net offer bats that are Pre-Rolled and ready to go?

Yes, you can browse our wide selection of pre-rolled baseball and softball bats. All bats have the option to come pre-rolled or pre-heat rolled, depending on the exact model. If you do not see the bat that you are looking for listed in our inventory, contact us. We are here to give your bats the maximum allowable performance they are designed to do. We offer an industry leading 60 day guarantee in writing.

Benefits of Heated Bat Rolling & Testing Process

  • Home of the Patriot Bat Rolling Machine

  • Buy from the manufacturer and ultimate authority on rolling

  • 100 Day Guarantee

  • More than just rolling, for the ultimate performance

  • Larger, more consistent sweet spot

  • Longer life span, compared to standard rolling

  • Deeper rolling process

  • One hour machine time per bat compared to five minutes from the competition

  • Pictures of our work uploaded on our Facebook Page

  • Compression tested before and after rolling process

  • Call Us: 872-BAT-PROS or 872-228-7767 for bat recommendations and deals.

Get “Game Ready” Heat Rolled & Tested Baseball and Softball Bats

  • Times change and methods improve, heated bat rolling is the proven winner in performance, durability, and consistency. You can purchase heat rolled baseball and softball bats from us or send us one you already own.

  • ALL bats purchased from ProRollers come professionally heat rolled and ready for game action right out of the box. We specialize in getting you the perfect size/weight bat.

  • We compression test each bat before the rolling and after so you can see the results.

  • Come see the difference our rolled bats and professional heated bat rolling can do for your game.

Break in Your New Glove Fast

Our baseball and softball glove break in is perfect for newly-purchased or stubborn ball gloves. Whether you don’t have time to break in your glove or the leather is just too stubborn, just like our bat rolling, we have now perfected the art of breaking in a new leather glove.

Got A Question About Our Products?

If you have questions about a specific bat or product, contact us at 872-BAT-PROS or 872-228-7767. You can even text us with any questions for your convenience. If you don’t see a product you are looking for just ask us.