In an effort to continually improve our bat rolling service, ProRollers now has an indoor test facility so we can scientifically test our bats.

The fully lit and heated batting cage can be used year round, meaning there is no “downtime” in being able to test the real-world difference with our compression testers.

Indoor testing facility

To optimize our bat rolling service, we are using this indoor test facility to put all of our work into action. We are making sure we know exactly what happens when the ball meets the bat.

There is something about a well broken-in bat when you hit a ball squarely that you just cannot fake. Our customers can rest assured our bat rolling service is the real deal.

How it works – Bat rolling service

Once we heat roll and compression test your new or used bat, you can swing it in the cage to see and hear the difference yourself. It’s another level of customer service that ensures you are getting the very best bat rolling service.

The batting cage has a pitching machine for fast-pitch and a pitching screen for slow pitch batters of all ages.

This takes our bat rolling service to the next level with a complete area for your to test your new gear. Are you too far away to take advantage of our new facility? Rest assured that we are the only bat rolling service company that is fully committed to getting you the best bat possible with the most research behind our findings.

Let us put in the trial and error of finding this year’s hottest bat so you don’t have to buy another dud!


With the longest guarantee in the business, ProRollers’ compression testing results come with pictures for every bat. And now, with our new indoor test facility, we are making the game FUN again! Visit our website to learn more.