It’s the start of summer, which means one thing in the baseball world…new bats!  All the great performing models from 2015-2016 are being upgraded with new composite blends, new connection pieces, and new end caps.  With all this new technology and changes in how the ball reacts coming off of the bat, we have upped our testing procedures.

Home Run

We make sure each and every bat that ships from ProRollers is broken in properly and is game ready.

New Isn’t Always Better

Many new 2017 bat models are using stronger composite mixes, due to premature failure in the 2016 models.  This will help with the bats breaking before they should, but the tradeoff is an initial performance decrease.  2017 models may seem dead or have no pop when they are brand new. When they are heat rolled, it stretches the fibers, and produces much better results when you step up to the plate.

Heating Up

Heat is essential in the proper rolling of these bats.  We have found that now more than ever, this new composite mix allows the fibers to stretch even further without breaking, but they do take time to get loose on their own.  This is the exact reason we test each new model on our compression testers, in the batting cage for live response, and in the Xtreme machines we use.  This triple checking of the break in requirements on new models is to make sure that you don’t need to experiment on the diamond or be frustrated with the slow break in time of new bats.


ProRollers is here to help you take your game to the next level!