Every baseball or softball parent knows that buying a bat is a big deal.

But how do you pick the right one? As a baseball or softball parent, you know that it isn’t just about spending a ton of money on any old bat – it has to be the right one for your little slugger.

So, how do you choose? There are bats at all different sizes, weights and price points – and you don’t want to get the wrong one. And your baseball or softball player probably has an opinion to consider as well – adding to the fun.

Here’s what every baseball and softball parent needs to know about picking the right bat.

First, every batter is different. It doesn’t matter if your child plays softball, baseball, how old they are or how tall – each batter is different and swings the bat differently. So, that means that a cool looking bat your child saw on TikTok might not be the right fit.

The factors that go into choosing the right bat are nuanced and individualized. Your child really needs to think about how they play the game and what they need in a bat. It’s like a pair of shoes – it will fit each child differently.

There really are no rules of thumb; and trying it out beforehand isn’t always the way to go either, because does your player like a balanced bat? An end-loaded bat? It’s hard to know without testing it out.

One thing you can be sure of before purchasing a bat, is that you are buying the correct bat for the league your child is in. Different leagues and teams, especially travel teams that play in different tournaments, require specific bats. Meaning, you child’s bat will need to fit certain specifications and have the right certification or stamp – or they cannot use it in competition.

Little League and travel ball have their own requirements – and some tournaments have separate requirements – or have no rules at all. Before you pony up the cash for a pricey bat, you need to know if your child needs a USA bat or a USSSA bat. And you can rest assured that leagues are checking.


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