If you are a new baseball parent, you might be wondering if your little slugger needs a quality rolled bat – or if a bat you grab at a Big Box store will suffice.

If you played ball yourself, you may think, “But I played with a regular bat – my kid will do just fine with one too.” But 20 or so years ago, no one had a quality rolled bat so it was a more level playing field. In today’s competitive baseball world, chances are your child will be competing with other players who have top-of-the-line equipment – and yes, it does actually make a difference.

Quality gear can give your child a competitive edge, whether it’s a physical edge or a mental edge – sometimes it can mean the difference in a single or a triple (or even an amazing home run).

Baseball has changed – it’s more competitive than ever before, and high-quality gear is pretty much mandatory for most levels of play.

The best batters know that a bat takes time to break in, but you really can’t take your new bat and get enough hits in to get it ready for optimal play. That’s where bat rolling comes in. When you roll your bat, you get it properly broken in without wear and tear on the rest of the bat.

And when you are spending hundreds of dollars on a quality rolled bat, you want to make sure it is done the correct way, making sure the fibers actually stretch – allowing for maximum power potential.

A quality rolled bat allows your child to maximize the bat’s potential from day one. Putting a properly heated rolled bat in your child’s hands will allow them a winning result – all they have to do is swing and run.

ProRollers has a proven process with proven results. If you can give your child the edge, why wouldn’t you?


At ProRollers, we allow your child to step up to the plate with the quality rolled bat they need to have every possible advantage. Contact us today for more information.