So you finally got it!
You have been reading every review, looking at every picture you could get your eyes on but now….NOW you have your hands on it. Somehow Santa knew that you had been wanting – no, needing – a new bat or glove for the spring. Now that you’ve taken the shiny plastic off of it, you realize, you have to break it in if you want to get the most performance out of it.
Well good thing for winter break for most sports, and ProRollers is here to save the day. See, all of these new toys are great, but we all know that in order for it to fit the best, hit the best, or for your confidence to be sky high, they need to be worked on.
You have a couple days off now to enjoy the holidays, so box up that new toy while you still have the box and send it to us to do the hard work for you.
If you send us your bat, we can compression test to see where it is now, then heat roll it thoroughly. Then we compression test every bat a second time to ensure proper break in.

New gloves are even worse. Good luck squeezing that new glove closed without hammering on it for a week, unless you send it to us to break in properly and form a nice pocket. We will condition the glove, slightly steam it to open the pores and condition it again while warm. We form each glove with a mallet to ensure proper fit for each fielding position.

We still have our holiday pricing on all services, and if you send more than one bat, it gets cheaper … so grab a friend. We provide before and after pictures on all items sent into ProRollers to ensure proper fit and break in.

If you have questions just call us so we can get rolling today.