It’s Dec 17th—just a week before the big day and you are still out looking for that perfect Christmas gift when a idea hits you like a line drive out of left field: A picture of spring and melted snow enters your dizzied thoughts and you realize you still have time to get a completely custom gift that will bring you both smiles all year.

Baseball gift ideas may seem limited, but a custom heat rolled and compression tested bat from ProRollers is the perfect idea for the certain someone who is hard to buy for someone who has everything. (Or someone who thinks they have everything!)

Baseball gift ideas

  • New bats
  • Heat-rolled bats
  • Heat-rolling for a favorite bat you already own
  • Conditioned baseball glove
  • Break-in service for already purchased glove

We are here every day up until X-mas to make sure that we can help light up their morning and help with your stress level.  Bat sizing can be a tricky process but with our nine years’ of experience and Best Bat Guarantee, we take all the guesswork out of it.

ProRollers specializes in finding the perfect bat size, length and model to fit that slugger’s swing so they can keep smashing the ball and get their confidence sky high by springtime.  We can get most bats game ready, tested and shipped out the door within 24 hours, leaving you plenty of time to wrap it and get it under the tree.

Don’t delay though: Sizes and models may be limited because of the popularity of our special holiday pricing.

Holiday deals are plentiful this time of year. With new models and closeouts, we can be sure to find you the right bat. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, so call us today so we can get the holiday surprise started and in your hands in time!