For 13 years we have been rolling bats and as bats have changed, so have rolling techniques and services to ensure proper break in.  It started with just rolling the bat in a roller and calling it a day.  We then  progressed to compression testing each bat we service before and after our work so we could make sure that bats were evenly broken in.  As technology changes it offers us new insight to break down our game and improve our weaknesses.  ProRollers is happy to embrace technology as we now have the ability to test each bats exit velocity both before and after our rolling process.  For 6 years we have tested the before and after compression ratings  on every bat we have serviced  as this was the only way to ensure that our works was fully breaking in each bat.  Now with the help of the Smart Radar and an iPad we can test the before and after exit velocity on all bats we service.  This new testing  will be performed on all bats we sell heat rolled and game ready.  By doing this service,  we can now give you more info to help find the right bat for your batter.

In each bats product page, we are listing the increased exit velo on the new bats we have tested.   Some older bats we may not have the ability to test pre-rolled exit velo but going forward we are testing all bats.   If you have questions about a bat and exit velo, just contact us.