It’s 80 degrees, but the crisp breeze of a summer evening cools the crowd as the sun finishes its descent to the west. Harsh lights blanket the field and an eerie silence ensues as you start the slow, confident walk to the plate. The man at the mound shows no sign of deflation as he sizes up the scene approaching from the dugout. Your position is set. Your bat is raised. Your confidence is high. ProRollers already hit a homerun for you. Now it’s your turn…

It’s hard not to be confident at the plate when you know ProRollers heat rolled and compression tested your new bat before you stepped into the game. No wiggling in the handle, no loose end cap, just a hot clean bat to enhance your performance and set you apart from the competition. Do you know what sets us apart? We compression test EVERY bat more than once.

Breaking in Your Bat

After taking an initial reference photo, we put the bat through our heated rolling process which can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how the bat responds. During the rolling process we compression test the bat to ensure everything is working. Once the final pressure rolling stage has been completed, we give the bat one last compression test with a picture. This is to dramatically show the level of break-in compared to where we started. Without this compression testing service we provide, there is no way to visually tell the bat is properly broken in.

Compression testing ensures the bat you buy or send in is broken in properly and completely. Check out our full selection of heat rolled and compression tested bats or send us yours to roll and test before the season gets into full swing.

You play hard, you hit home runs, you love to win. We help your confidence as you walk to the plate.