Groundhogs and warm days mean that spring is almost here, and a new baseball season is nearly upon us. As exciting as the start of the new season is, there have been technology improvements by nearly all bat manufacturers to improve performance and durability, and baseball bat rolling can help you get the most out of new bats and old bats you already own.

New technology in composite wrap layering, new 3 piece connections, and upgraded end caps all lead to better performance on game day, but that end can be a long way off when a new bat is the centerpiece of the technology. New bats already require a long time to be broken in, and the latest technology makes the break-in period even longer, unless you enlist baseball bat rolling services.

New composite mix and structure designs mean that your new bat will perform even better than last year, once it is broken in properly and compression tested to ensure results. Every year manufacturers struggle to stay on top of on the game, which is great for player, but it also means more work for you or your child to get that new bat to perform at its top level.

Here at ProRollers, we can see that initial compression tests show most new bats are testing at an even higher initial PSI than their 2015 counterparts. In the real world, that means these bats are even stiffer out of the wrapper and will take longer to see maximum results from standard break-in practices. A stiff bat means less distance and less exit speed, resulting in a ball that will not make it through the infield as quickly. Bat rolling is the key to reining in that long timeline.

Baseball bat rolling for new bats

ProRollers has nine years of experience in heated bat rolling with test results to back up our work and guarantee the results you need to step up your game. We test every new model released both before and after our heated rolling process to obtain measurable results. Let us take the guesswork out of choosing your next new bat.

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