Like players evolve over time, so do the technologies that support players. As bat manufacturing continues its evolution, so do supporting technologies. Today’s Alloy bats are game-changers, but they have one significant problem – break-in periods. Do you really want to send a player to the plate with an underperforming bat? ProRollers heated bat rolling adds up to thirty feet to your batting performance. Look back over your last few games and think about what 30 extra feet could have meant to your game. Say goodbye to long breaking periods for composite bats and hello to batting performance gains you’ve only dreamed about. We compression test every Warstic after rolling to ensure proper break in before it ships to you. ProRollers professional heated bat rolling will extend the performance an additional 25-31 feet on this Warstic  model. Heated bat rolling is necessary on composite bats, they have a longer break in period and have shown proven signs of increased performance once properly broken in. Our compression testing ensures full and proper break in on every bat we do.  Let our years of bat rolling experience work for you so you can get the best performance from your rolled USSSA bat. Rolled Gunner

Introducing the 2024 Gunner USSSA Metal Bat, ready to redefine what power hitters can expect from their gear. Building on what’s made the Gunner a favorite in the lineup, this year’s model comes loaded with features that focus on cranking up power, making the feel in your hands even more intuitive, and enhancing the swing weight for easier handling without sacrificing exit velo. Every aspect of the Gunner has been rethought to push your hitting limits. With an unmatched combo of power, comfortable grip, and smooth swinging, the Gunner is solidifying its position as an essential tool for hitters looking to dominate with force.

The latest Gunner model introduces the Flared Power Knob, expertly crafted to balance your swing and enhance grip comfort, boosting your speed thru the zone. Alongside, the new Warstic ProTact Grip elevates handling with its increased tackiness and cushioning, ensuring a more controlled and comfortable grip during high-pressure at-bats.

This 2-Piece Hybrid continues to boast a massive alloy barrel with a huge sweet spot, ensuring solid performance even on mis-hits. Its composite handle, integrated with a stiff connection joint, efficiently transfers energy to the ball while reducing sting to the hands. A newly re-engineered, slightly lighter build enhances the bat’s manageability, ensuring power hitters can swing with both force and precision. While the incorporation of the Aerophite end cap, crafted from advanced composite materials, contributes to the lighter feel and augments swing speed, without compromising durability.

Product Features:

-10 features a large 2 3/4 Barrel
Flared Power Knob: Balances swing and comfort.
Optimized Weighting: More manageability, same power.
Warstic ProTact Grip: Enhanced control with superior tack and cushioning.
Aerophite End Cap: Durability meets speed.
Power Balanced Construction: Ideal for responsive, impactful swings.
2-Piece Hybrid Design: Alloy barrel and composite handle for max whip.
Reduced Vibration: Advanced stiff connection joint for a smoother feel.
Matte Gray Finish with Glossy Wartip: All business.

Rolled Rolled Warstic Gunner USSSA -10 From ProRollers Is Game Ready