ProRollers professional bat rolling will extend the performance an additional 20-25 feet on this Rolled Rawlings AI Mach BBCOR model. Bat rolling is necessary on alloy bats, they have a short break in period but have shown proven signs of increased performance. Rolled Rawlings AI Mach BBCOR  Our compression testing service ensures proper and full break in with pictures to prove it.  Let our years of bat rolling experience work for you so you can get the best performance from your rolled  baseball bat. heat rolled Rolled Rawlings AI Mach BBCOR

Swing the most technologically advanced alloy baseball bat on the market, the brand new Rawlings Mach AI BBCOR bat is here!

Using a groundbreaking AI-powered supercomputer, Rawlings has designed the Mach AI using thousands of different computer simulations before arriving at a completely optimized barrel design to dominate high school and college pitching. Each quarter-inch of the barrel wall is built to exact specifications meant to perfectly optimize pop, sweet spot size, and swing weight. As a result, you get a bat with perfect feel, an enormous hitting zone, and pop that performs at precisely the .50 BBCOR limit.

In addition, the Red Alloy+ material is ultra-durable and gives the Mach AI an unmistakable sound, and the carbon composite end-cap ensures that you’re caputring more mass in the sweet spot without sacrificing any swing speed.

The engineering process behind the Mach AI is unprecedented in the game of baseball, and the result is a bat with unprecedented performance. Be an early adopter of this game-changing AI technology and get your Rawlings Mach AI BBCOR bat now!

Product Features:

-3 Length To Weight Ratio
2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
One-Piece Hybrid Construction
Colorway: Teal/Black/White
Red Alloy+: Utilizes the most responsive aerospace grade alloy, built for performance and durability with the thinnest walls possible.
Light Weight Balanced Swing Weighting; Pure velocity carbon composite material optimizes the swing weight while elongating the sweet spot.
Generative Ai Technology: A patent-pending Ai Generated inner wall variations that finely tune the entire bat providing maximum performance across the entire barrel.
RevGrip Included: A Premium grip material with unmatched tack and cushion

Do not let the 2024 season pass you by.  Start the year off with the best equipment that is game ready only the way that ProRollers can do.    Don’t delay, order your bat or glove today and let ProRollers take your game to the next level.  Don’t wait order today!! Rolled Rawlings AI Mach BBCOR