This 11.75-inch Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G ContoUR fit utility glove is perfect for the jack-of-all-trades who can play anywhere. Featuring world-renowned Heart of the Hide leather, this glove will retain its shape season after season, aging perfectly alongside your game. Also, the 11.75-inch 200 pattern gives you a balanced pocket that can play anywhere on the infield, and even in a corner outfield spot. The split-single post web is a popular choice among infielders for its balance of give and stability, making it ideal to handle both quick transfers or hot line drives. On top of all that, this glove features a ContoUR fit, giving players with thinner hands a more secure hand opening and lowered finger stalls. When you combine that with the R2G break-in, you’ve got a gamer that’s ready to make plays right away. Get your 11.75-inch Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G ContoUR fit utility glove today!

Product Features:

11.75-inch Glove Size
200 Glove Pattern offers a balanced pocket that can play anywhere in the infield, and even a corner outfield position
Pro I Web
Colorway: Black/Tan
Contour Fit offers a More Secure Hand Opening and Lower Finger Stalls for players with Thinner Hands
Designed for Baseball Infielders
Ready To Go Break In – 35% Player / 65% Factory
Constructed with the Highest Quality US Steerhide Leather
Deer Tanned Cowhide Palm Lining
Soft Full-Grain Finger Back Linings
Padded Thumb Sleeve
Pro Grade Leather Laces adds Durability and Strength
Thermoformed Padding on Wrist Stall

Glove Conditioning Service Details:

You know the routine – your season opener is a week away and that brand new glove on your hand – well, it feels like it’s never going to break in. Balls bounce out of the pocket and you are left wondering how you’ll ever have it ready in time for first pitch.

You can worry no more! At ProRollers, our goal is a simple one. We want your gear to be in PEAK CONDITION long before that critical first game. Our bat rolling service optimizes every hit you make and now our glove conditioning service makes that new glove feel just like an extension of your hand – like it’s been there for years. Nothing beats the feeling of a well-conditioned glove!

Over the years, we have perfected the process of optimizing equipment. There is no guesswork with our Baseball Glove Conditioning Service. We have the entire process down to a science.

Our Glove Conditioning: 1-2-3 Perfection!

Step 1: The right tool for the job: We have 6 different glove shaping mallets in our shop as every glove needs something different, and your glove is no unique so it gets special treatment as well. We use each specially designed mallet to either break down each glove at its specific flex points, form a pocket or help break in the palm with a weighted head. This specific working of the leather increases the effectiveness of the manual labor process. Since every glove is built differently, this is where our knowledge and experience comes into play. The forming of the leather on the these proper crease points while holding the integrity of the rest of the glove is the key to success. This process is completed in 4-5 sessions over the next 2-3 days. Working the gloves by hand along with our conditioning services is the key to proper break in.

Step 2: Hydrate the leather: We apply a small amount of specially formulated glove conditioner to the leather and laces, both inside and out. This conditioner will be absorbed by the glove’s pores which helps keep the glove in top condition all year. This extra conditioning step will help by keeping dirt and debris out of the newly stretched out leather pores. Hydrating the leather will also help the glove last longer as it will resist absorbing water which can lead to early dry rot.

Step 3: Proper form: To get the perfectly formed pocket, each glove has 100 weighted baseballs caught in the web helping form the pocket and laces. Once the glove has a nice pocket formed, we need to make sure the glove maintains it true form en route back to you. After the glove conditioning process is completed, we put a ball in each glove and wrap them up with rubber bands prior to shipping them back to you. This ensures the glove hold its form on its way back to you. We do these extra steps to ensure the full effects of our break in process.

Place your order today for a broken in  Rawlings glove– and never worry about playing with an unconditioned piece of leather again.  Broken In Rawlings