Who wants more exit velo and distance?   EVERYONE!!  That is exactly what we bring you from ProRollers.  Like players evolve over time, so do the technologies that support players. As bat manufacturing continues its evolution, so do supporting technologies. Today’s composite bats are game-changers, but they have one significant problem –Rolled Anarchy  bat  From ProRollers long break-in periods. Do you really want to send a player to the plate with an underperforming bat? ProRollers heated bat rolling adds up to thirty feet to your batting performance. Look back over your last few games and think about what 30 extra feet could have meant to your game. We are getting 32-37 additional feet once heat rolled. Say goodbye to long breaking periods for composite bats and hello to batting performance gains you’ve only dreamed about. We compression test every heat Rolled Anarchy  we service to ensure proper break in beore it ships to you. Rolled Anarchy bat

Introducing the 2024 Anarchy Fenrir .5oz End Load 12″ Barrel USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat – a true embodiment of ferocity and power on the diamond. Crafted with the revolutionary NEW ACX-7 Advanced Carbon and Resin Matrix technology, this bat embodies the spirit of the mythical Fenrir, delivering unparalleled performance with every swing.

Anarchy has harnessed the primal energy of the Fenrir legend to create a bat that is the epitome of dominance. With the ACX-7 technology, the Fenrir emerges as the hottest bat ever straight out of the wrapper, unleashing a ferocious force that leaves competitors trembling in its wake. Experience the raw power and intensity as you wield the Fenrir on the field, dominating every pitch with unmatched ferocity.

But the true mark of the Fenrir lies in its endurance. Anarchy designed the ACX-7 to maintain passing compression season after season, ensuring that the Fenrir remains a formidable weapon in your arsenal for years to come. Embrace the relentless spirit of the Fenrir as you unleash its power time and time again, knowing that it will never falter in the face of competition.

Featuring a .5oz end load and a 12″ barrel, the Anarchy Fenrir strikes the perfect balance between strength and control. With each swing, channel the untamed energy of the mythical beast, driving the ball with precision and power.

Choose the 2024 Anarchy Fenrir and unleash the beast within. With the revolutionary ACX-7 technology, this bat is not just a piece of equipment – it’s a symbol of your indomitable spirit on the field. Dominate the diamond with the ferocity of the Fenrir and leave your mark on the game. It’s time to embrace the power of the Anarchy Fenrir and unleash the legend within.

Barrel Length – 12”
End Load – .5oz
Certification – USSSA
Barrel Diameter – 2-1/4 inch
Tech – ACX-7
Type – 2-Piece Composite

Don’t let the 2025 season pass you by.  Get more distance, exit velo and home runs with a heat rolled Anarchy bat from ProRollers.