All bats in this category have the appropriate ASA stamps. With the new compression testing in place for ASA, we have ensured that ll of our bats will pass a compression test. We push them to the limits so once you get them they are as hot as they can possibly be.

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How do our bats stack up?
Based on our performance testing, the new 2015 slowpitch line bats are getting on average 29-36 more feet after our heated bat rolling treatment. Our heated rolling technique really lets the fibers expand in both directions so that when we roll them, it creates the largest sweet spot possible. Every hitter knows right where their sweet spot is, and we make it bigger. BIGGER SWEET SPOT = HIGHER BATTING AVERAGE Heated bat rolling is proven to gain distance and exit speed which will all help increase the BA. The difference is a properly heated rolling technique which we have perfected at ProRollers.