Anyone who knows the game, knows that brand new composite bats are never top performers. Composite bats typically have longer break-in periods and are known to have significant performance gains after the bat’s break-in period. ProRollers professional heated bat rolling virtually eliminates this break-in period. You’ll be on top of your game from first pitch. Our heated bat rolling technology is unmatched, and every bat we roll is optimized to the highest standards available today. Once properly heat rolled we are getting an additional 29-34 feet on this Rolled Mizuno F24 CRBN1 .  With over a decade of experience, we know bats and put that experience to work for you! We compression test EVERY Rolled Mizuno F24 CRBN1  Bat we service after the rolling service to ensure proper break in before it ships to you.  ProRollers has been heat rolling bats for 18 years and has the service down to a science, pinpointing the perfect break in spot for this Mizuno CRBN1  Let our years of heated bat rolling experience work for you and take your game to the next level.

Mizuno’s brand new one piece design is full of innovative bat technologies to maximize performance. XZone technology creates a massive sweet spot. A new and improved Anti-Shock construction in the taper further reduces shock and increases durability. Engineered details like an Optimized End Cap create a booming sound and an increased sweet spot.

The New 2024 Mizuno F24 CRBN1 1 PC Fastpitch Softball Bat offers a -10 length to weight ratio, standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, and is legal for play in all fastpitch leagues and tournaments.

Product Features:

-10 Length to Weight Ratio
2 1/4 inch Barrel Diameter
Colorway: White/Black/Purple
X-Zone Technology creates a massive sweet spot be adjusting composite angles in 10 specific zones across the barrel
A new and improved Anti-Shock construction int he taper of the bat further reduces shock and increases the bats durability
Optimized End Cap creates a booming sound and an increased sweet spot
Cylinder Seaming allows for consistent performance and durability across the entire barrel
Speed Helix Grip is designed to provide comfort and durability
Legal for Play in USA Softball, NSA, USSSA, and ISA Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments

Rolled Mizuno F24 CRBN1