Like players evolve over time, so do the technologies that support players. As bat manufacturing continues its evolution, so do supporting technologies. Today’s composite bats are game-changers, but they have one significant problem –Rolled Miken Freak Gold Bat From ProRollers long break-in periods. Do you really want to send a player to the plate with an underperforming bat? ProRollers heated bat rolling adds up to thirty feet to your batting performance. Look back over your last few games and think about what 40 extra feet could have meant to your game. We are getting 37-44 additional feet once heat rolled. Say goodbye to long breaking periods for composite bats and hello to batting performance gains you’ve only dreamed about. We compression test every Rolled Miken Freak Gold Bat we service to ensure proper break in before it ships to you. Rolled Miken Freak Gold Bat From ProRollers

The  Freak Gold offers Tetra-Core technology which increases sweet spot size and durability. The Flex 2 Power (F2P) handle technology optimizes flex and barrel loading to maximize swing speeds through the zone.

This 2023 Miken FREAK Gold Midload 12.5″ Barrel ASA/USA Slowpitch Softball Bat (Formerly ASA) Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MSA3FKGL) featuring a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, a 12.5-inch barrel length, and a mid load that is preferred by players who want more power.

Product Features:

12.5 Inch Barrel Length

2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

Mid load

2-Piece, Composite Softball Bat

Designed Specifically For Lower Compression, 52 COR Softballs

Flex 2 Power (F2P) Technology Optimizes Flex & Barrel Loading To Maximize Speed Through The Zone

Revolutionary 100 COMP Utilizes 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers To Deliver Legendary Performance & Durability

Tetra-Core Technology Increases Sweet Spot Size and Durability

Approved for Play in USA/ASA Softball Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.