ProRollers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 100 Day Breakage Guarantee

ProRollers is unlike any company in the sporting industry. We guarantee all bats that we roll against breakage. In fact, we put it in writing.

If, FOR ANY REASON, your bat breaks within the first 100 days from the date of service, we’ll replace it – free of charge. We are confident in our workmanship and the impeccable quality of every bat we condition. But if a breakage guarantee was all we offered, there would be no real ProRollers advantage.

Our Two-Part Guarantee Virtually Eliminates Your Risk!

If our satisfaction guarantee was limited to just breakage, we’d be just like everyone else in the bat rolling industry. We understand that you come to us to increase your batting performance. To this end, we offer the ProRollers Peak Performance Guarantee. It’s simple: if you feel, FOR ANY REASON, that your bat is not optimized for maximum performance after our bat rolling service, we will re-roll it again at no cost to you.

A properly rolled bat is proven to increase the performance of any metal or composite bat. For the last decade, ProRollers has been helping players to stay on top of their games like never before. It is our commitment to the complete satisfaction of our clients that our first-time customers become lifetime members of the ProRollers family of highly satisfied customers. You’ll soon find out why we are one of the most in-demand companies in the industry.

At ProRollers, we are Always Innovating!