Glove Conditioning Services

Pro Rollers provides professional glove conditioning services to baseball and softball players across the nation. Others try to copy our glove break in service, but none match our quality and expertise.

Break In Your New Glove Fast

If you want to break in your glove fast, our baseball and softball glove conditioning service is perfect for newly-purchased ball gloves. Whether you don’t have time to break in your glove or the leather is just too stubborn, just like our bat rolling service, we have now perfected the art of breaking in a new leather glove.

Pre-Oiled Gloves Need Still Need To Be Broken In

There are no short cuts! Even higher-end gloves that are “pre-oiled” are difficult to break in properly and evenly, that’s why we’re here. We don’t claim to have invented glove conditioning, but we sure did perfect it. Once you send your glove(s) to us you will never want to break one in by yourself again.


Glove Conditioning Steps To Provide Maximum Performance

Step 1: We apply a light coat of pre-conditioner to the glove so the pores can open up completely during the steaming process.

Step 2: We apply a specially formulated glove conditioner to the glove, which will be absorbed by the glove’s pores during the steaming process. We then steam your glove based on our predetermined settings. The steam opens up the pores of the leather, allowing the leather to become more malleable.

Step 3: A specially designed mallet is then used to break down each glove at its specific flex points, thus increasing the effectiveness of the steaming process. Since every glove is built differently, this is where our knowledge and experience comes into play. The forming of the leather immediately after the steam process is the key to success.  This process is completed in 4-5 sessions over the next 2-3 days.  Working the gloves by hand along with our conditioning services is the key to proper break in.

Step 4: After the glove conditioning process is completed, it is shipped back to you wrapped up and with a ball placed inside the pocket. We do this to ensure the full effects of our break in process.

Contact us today and see what your game has been missing! ProRollers offers glove conditioning services to break in baseball and softball gloves fast. All gloves are shipped back within 24-48 hours of the time they arrive. Express shipping service is available at checkout.