Anyone who knows the game, knows that brand new composite bats are never top performers. Composite bats typically have longer break-in periods and are known to have significant performance gains after the bat’s break-in period. rolled demarini cf usssa.  ProRollers professional heated bat rolling virtually eliminates this break-in period. You’ll be on top of your game from first pitch. Our heated bat rolling technology is unmatched, and every bat we roll is optimized to the highest standards available today. With over a decade of experience, we know bats and put that experience to work for you!  We compression test EVERY rolled DeMarini CF bat to ensure proper break in before it ships to you!! ProRollers professional heated bat rolling will extend the performance an additional 28-33 feet on this rolled DeMarini CF  model. Heated bat rolling is necessary on composite bats, they have a long break in period and have shown proven signs of increased performance once properly broken in. Our compression testing on every CF Zen we service ensures proper break in.  Let our years of bat rolling experience work for you so you can get the best performance from your bat.

Introducing the 2025 DeMarini Zen -11 USSSA Baseball Bat. Formulated to help the youngest travel ball and JBB players square up pitches and rack up hits, the Zen (-11) USSSA Baseball Bat implements trailblazing Dark Matter Composite construction to deliver DeMarini’s lightest swing weight and largest barrel profile ever. This innovation breeds insane performance, including more squared-up pitches and consistent contact for upstart travel ball batters as they find their swing. Zen’s two-piece construction employs a composite handle and Anomaly Connection System to maximize exit velocities and minimize hand sting, helping players barrel up the ball and find their Zen in the batters box.

The 2025 DeMarini Zen USSSA Baseball Bat offers a huge 2 3/4-inch barrel diameter; -11 length to weight ratio, balanced swing weighting, two-piece composite design, and is legal for play in all USSSA Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.

Product Features:

-11 Length to Weight Ratio
2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
Balanced Swing Weighting
Colorway: White/Black/Blue/Pink
Dark Matter Composite Barrel – An all new barrel design and composite that’s larger, lighter, and higher performing than ever before
2-Piece Composite Baseball Bat designed to balance speed with power, the Anomaly Connection enables the seamless transfer of energy for better exit velocities.
Anomaly End Cap – Built from an all-new blend of durable and light weight materials, this end cap maintains barrel integrity and improves performance.
Built for the player seeking the highest performance and best feeling in DeMarini’s lineup.

rolled demarini cf Zen usssa