2023 Suncoast Backlash2 52/44 USA/ASA 12″ Endloaded Slowpitch Softball Bat SB2ASE12


Endload 12.5″ Barrel USSSA

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Anyone who knows the game, knows that brand new composite bats are never top performers. Composite bats typically have longer break-in periods and are known to have significant performance gains after the bat’s break-in period. ProRollers professional heated bat rolling virtually eliminates this break-in period. Heat Rolled Suncoast Backlash2  bat  You’ll be on top of your game from first pitch.  We are getting 2-3 MPH exit speed increase and 26-31 additional feet on the Heat Rolled Suncoast Backlash2  bat  once properly heat rolled.   Our heated bat rolling technology is unmatched, and every bat we roll is optimized to the highest standards available today. With over a decade of experience, we know bats and put that experience to work for you! heat rolled Heat Rolled Suncoast Backlash2

Welcome the 2023 Suncoast Backlash2 12″ USA Slowpitch Softball Bat, An end-loaded bat for strong hitters who can swing it fast and want more mass at the end of the bat.

Product Features:

12 inch Barrel Length
2 1/4 inch Barrel Diameter
Endloaded Swing Weighting (1/2 oz)
Certified and Approved by USA Softball for ASA Play
OPTI-DURA PERFORMANCE AEROSPACE-GRADE COMPOSITE – designed to maximize durability and performance of the barrel and bat throughout its entire life. The aerospace-grade carbon fiber and fiberglass materials combined with our proprietary manufacturing process will provide the player with a high-performing, long-lasting and consistent ball-bat.
STICK & SPIN BARREL TECHNOLOGY – an engineered, tackified barrel surface enhances the spin of the softball, causing its trajectory to rise higher and stay in the air longer, providing maximum flight performance to reach its maximum distance.
HI-ENERGY LINK SYSTEM – Suncoast’s patented duo-purpose connection ring between the barrel and handle helps maximize the barrel’s energy transfer to the ball and keeps vibration from reaching your hands for increased comfort when you make contact.
Equipped with the Suncoast tackified bat grip providing the ultimate in comfort and control
Marked with Rotation Numbers on the barrel to aid in the rotation of the bat from hit to hit in order to lengthen the life expectancy of the Suncoast Backlash.

Heat Rolled Suncoast Ervine bat is fire once properly broken in. Heat Rolled Suncoast Backlash2

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 3 × 3 in


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