Anyone who knows the game, knows that brand new alloy bats are never top performers. Alloy bats typically have longer break-in periods and are known to have significant performance gains after the bat’s break-in period. ProRollers professional heated bat rolling virtually eliminates this break-in period. 2022 rolled solo bbcor  You’ll be on top of your game from first pitch. Our heated bat rolling technology is unmatched, and every bat we roll is optimized to the highest standards available today. With the full service we are getting 27-33 more feet compared to a new in wrapper bat.  With over a decade of experience, we know bats and put that experience to work for you! We compression test EVERY rolled Solo BBCOR bat  we service after the rolling service to ensure proper break in before it ships to you.

Built for speed, the 2022 Solo (-3) BBCOR Bat from Louisville Slugger is designed to help you bring home a batting title. Contact hitters across the country keep coming back to this bat for its easy-swinging profile, balanced swing weight and iconic sound. The incredibly light Premium SL Hyper Alloy Barrel design showcases a thinner wall design, so you don’t ever sacrifice performance for feel. A SPD Composite End Cap helps improve swing speed while the one-piece design and VIBEX™ Premium Handle make the Solo a favorite year-in and year-out. The 2022 Louisville Slugger SOLO BBCOR features a -3 length to weight ratio, balanced swing weighting, and one piece alloy design. The 2022 Solo is recommended for all types of hitters due to its ultra low swing weighting and balanced feel. This model is approved for all BBCOR Standards.
-3 Length to Weight Ratio
2 5/8 inch barrel diameter
Balanced Swing Weighting
Premium SL Hyper Alloy Barrel is incredibly light-swinging and features a thinner wall design for improved performance.
Ultra-Balanced swing weight – the Solo is our lightest-swinging BBCOR model, making it perfect for hitters focused on making consistent contact at the plate.
One-piece construction with VIBEX™ Premium Handle improves feel and reduces vibration and sting in the hands on mis-hit balls.
SPD™ Composite End Cap reduces weight toward the end of the bat, allowing for increased swing speed.
Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™ for an unmatched mix of tack and cushion.
Legal for Play in Intermediate and Junior/Senior Divisions of Little League.
BBCOR Certified – Approved for High School and Collegiate Play

2022 rolled solo bbcor