ProRollers bat rolling service is the first and ONLY company to use an approved compression tester on every bat.

And we don’t just do it once: We compression-test every bat we professionally heat roll TWICE. We test the compression before the rolling process so we know the starting compression of the barrel. Then, we put each bat through the heated rolling process individually and compression-test them again to ensure the process is complete.

Why the extra step? We want to ensure you are getting the best possible performance. Companies might tell you that your bat is broken in but how do they know? What measures do they take?

At ProRollers, we have the proper devices and procedures in place to ensure your bat is broken in properly. We want you to have a perfectly broken-in bat when you step up to home plate.

ProRollers heat rolled baseball/softball bats compression tested slow pitch softball bats are proven to show in increase in distance and exit velo when compared to new in wrapper bats.  Our slow pitch softball bats are game ready without the wear and tear on the bat itself.  The barrel is nicely conditioned, like a glove, so it is at peak performance.  Rolling  the barrel of the bats ensures even and proper break in which is verified with an approved compression tester before the ship.  This ensures each bat will performa t its top performance standard right away and you will not have to go thru that frustrating dead break in period. Rolled Baseball/Softball Bats give your player the edge the need to stay on top.  The last bat you had was hot and broken in just the way you liked it, don’t go back to square one and a dead bat with a long break in period.  Buy a heat rolled baseball bat from ProRollers today and get back into and on top of the game you love.

ProRollers is the ONLY company that uses an approved compression tester on every bat. We compression test each bat we heat roll twice, once before and once after to ensure that the process is complete.

Check out our full selection of heat rolled baseball bats today and be sure that the bat you get will be at peak performance which means you can do your job at peak performance.