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All bats from ProRollers come professionally heat rolled and game ready to ensure the bats are performing to their fullest potential right out of the box.    ProRollers now has a bat compression tester to make sure all bats will pass a compression test prior to use.  By passing a compression test prior to shipping you will know that your bat will be ok to use, without testing you are rolling the dice.  Why spend $400 on a bat that can't be used, we are the ONLY bat roller who does this for their customers.   Find out what you have been missing and unlock the full potential of your bats.

Need help choosing the right bat, call us: 419-677-7920

Benefits of The Original Heated Bat Rolling:

  • Deeper rolling process
  • Larger sweet spot
  • More consistent sweet spot
  • Longer life span compared to standard rolling
  • 1 hour process compared to 5 minutes

Heated bat rolling was started by ProRollers in 2012 during an experiment with a new BBCOR baseball bat.  We were testing a new composite BBCOR bat after it had been rolled the old fashioned way, cold.  We found that if we heated up the barrel of the bat prior to rolling it both perpendicular and parallel, it allowed the fibers to stretch even further since they were heated up and more pliable.  Now that the fibers can stretch easier there is less negative stress on the walls of the bat so it also helps with the overall durability.  Since the fibers are more flexible, it will lead to less cracking and longer life span, and who can afford a new $400 bat every 3 months.  Heated bat rolling does take longer, approx 1 hour to complete from start to finish but is worth the added benefits of life span and performance.

We have seen an article written that states that heated bat rolling is detrimental and the fibers shrink back to their original form once they cool down.  That article does not quite add up because if you roll the bat long enough in the machine to ensure proper break in, the bat gets warm from the constant pressure and friction.   Either the person that wrote that article never rolled a bat, or they do not roll them in the machine long enough to properly break them in.  Heated bat rolling also does no damage to the graphics or details on the bat.  Some manufacturers are using flat paint schemes which nearly require us to heat them up to get a proper break in.  When rolling a flat paint scheme bat, you can not roll it nearly as thoroughly without heating it up first.  This paint scheme is becoming more common in the mid-upper tier bats so if they are not getting heated, you are not getting the full break in experience.   We have also heard of companies that just roll the bat so it gets warm and call that heated bat rolling, THAT METHOD IS NOT TRUE HEATED BAT ROLLING.  If the bats are not heated up prior to the rolling process the fibers will not stretch as deep nor have the same consistent sweet spot.  Trust your bats to the pioneers of the heated bat rolling process

Let our 8 years of experience go to work for you by giving you the edge in performance.  Times change and methods improve, heated bat rolling is the proven winner in performance, durability, and consistency.  If you are buying a bat from us or sending in ones you already own, The Original Heated Bat Rolling to get them Game Ready makes sense.

We specialize in everything related to bats and making them hotter. You can purchase heat rolled baseball softball bats from us or send us one you already own. If you have questions about a specific bat or service contact us at 872-BAT-PROS or (872) 228-7767 or (419) 677-7920. You can even text us with any questions for your convenience. If you don't see a product you are looking for just ask us. 

  • 24 Hour Turn Around Time
  • 60 Day Guarantee-Double The Competition
  • 8 Years Experience




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